Never pour grease down sink drains. Fats, oils and grease can clog sewer pipes and cause nasty sewage back-ups and overflows.


As wastewater leaves your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or business, it enters an elaborate, underground network of sewer pipelines crisscrossing Beaufort and Jasper counties. With the force of gravity, the wastewater flows to pump stations where it is pumped through large pipelines called force mains to our treatment facilities. These pump stations prevent wastewater from backing up into your drains and creating a messy clean-up task.

Many of our pump stations are equipped with flashing lights or an audible alarm. If you see a flashing light or hear an alarm at a pump station, please contact us at 843-987-9200. One of our field employees will be dispatched to turn off the alarm and make repairs.


Our major water reclamation facilities meet a water quality standard that is referred to as “reuse water.” With advances in treatment technologies and federal Clean Water Act regulations, we now “reclaim” water from wastewater every day. This “reclaimed” water is not drinking water, but can be safely reused for irrigation and replenishing wetlands in the Great Swamp. All of our treatment processes protect public health and our local waterways.

The Cherry Point Water Reclamation Facility and Port Royal Island Water Reclamation Facility clean more than seven million gallons of wastewater a day that can be safely reused through irrigation.


BJWSA has been a leader in reusing reclaimed water for irrigation for the last 20 years. We deliver an average of 3 million gallons a day of reclaimed water to area golf courses from March to September.

We currently serve 12 golf courses from our Cherry Point Water Reclamation Facility in southern Beaufort County. Port Royal Island Water Reclamation Facility provides irrigation water to the Secession Golf Course in northern Beaufort County and has the capacity to serve additional courses. Our Palmetto Bluff Wastewater Treatment Plant provides irrigation water to the May River Golf Club. The St. Helena Wastewater Treatment Plant irrigates the two golf courses on Dataw Island, as well as a portion of Henry’s Sod Farm.

When our Cherry Point Water Reclamation Facility has a surplus of reclaimed water, the excess water is recycled into the Great Swamp. Our Great Swamp Effluent Management System helps to protect 980 acres of natural forested wetlands. Our Port Royal Island Water Reclamation Facility recycles surplus water into the Beaufort River.