Welcome to our virtual wastewater tour!

BJWSA staff (our Superheroes!) from different departments will share their roles and responsibilities with you. You will be able to take a virtual tour of our treatment process, visit our Great Swamp project and learn about different departments and their critical place within the company. Click on each link to learn about that department!


Welcome to Trick-or-Treatment Introduction: Joe Mantua, PE, general manager




Wastewater Collection and Treatment: Earl Sheppard, wastewater operations manager











Plant Operations: Brian Chemsak, PE, chief of plant operations





Wastewater Plant Tour: by Ryan Yoder, chief wastewater operator, Port Royal




Reuse and Reclamation: Tricia Kilgore, PE, director of technology & innovation




Wastewater Lab Operations: Tyler McTeer, wastewater operator and Ryan Yoder, chief wastewater operator, Port Royal




“What Can I Flush?” Gameshow: Greg Haynes, desktop support analyst





Customer Care: Linda Tillery, chief of customer care






Field Operations: Andy Mattie, director of field operations





Safety: Steve Lee, safety specialist





Technical Maintenance: Justin Thomas, director of technical maintenance





Technical Services Overview: Kenneth Frazier, chief of technical services





SCADA: Jonathan Carey, SCADA administrator





Geographic Information System: Michael Mirolli, GIS specialist




Public Affairs: Lou Brown, public education & engagement planner