Everyone needs essential water and sewer services. We understand that people sometimes have financial difficulties. If you’re having trouble paying your bill or connecting to services, here are a few programs we offer.

Hardship Fund

BJWSA’s new hardship fund is designed for customers in crisis – those with extenuating circumstances who could be in danger of disconnection of their water and/or sewer services.

BJWSA is collaborating with the United Way of the Lowcountry to facilitate the eligibility and assistance process.

The following general guidelines have been established for the fund:

  • Recipient must be a BJWSA customer in Beaufort or Jasper counties.
  • Only the primary account holder can apply for assistance, unless there is a Power of Attorney or other legal document stating otherwise.
  • Customers must have at least three months of service history with BJWSA.
  • The fund can pay up to 90% of covered charges.
  • The fund can be used for water and sewer consumption, penalties, delinquent fees and service charge.
  • Assistance cannot be applied to tampering fees; overdraft, same day service or trip charges.
  • There is a three business-day turnaround for pledges.
  • Customers who meet the hardship criteria may contact a BJWSA customer service representative at 843-987-9200. (Referrals for this program are made through BJWSA.)

Thad Coleman Fund

The Thad Coleman Fund offers a helping hand to Beaufort and Jasper County families faced with financial hardship, helping them pay the costs to connect to the BJWSA public water and sewer system. It is funded through BJWSA and participating customers throughout our service area.

Juanita White Fund

The Juanita White Fund is dedicated specifically to residents of the historic Levy-Limehouse Bellinger Hill area of Jasper County. This fund assists with connection fees and is administered in the same manner as the Thad Coleman Fund.

For more information about any of these programs, contact Customer Service at 843-987-9200.



Customer privacy is paramount at BJWSA

As originally reported in 2015, BJWSA signed an agreement with HomeServe USA to offer optional protection plans for customers’ home exterior water and sewer service lines. The original release is here.

Customer information was never provided to HomeServe nor are customer rates impacted by the agreement. The Authority only provided zip codes within the service area to HomeServe. This is in line with BJWSA’s mission, which is to inspire trust and enhance public health.

In exchange for a set-up fee and a 12% commission on any service plans sold, the Authority gave HomeServe USA the right to use the BJWSA logo on mailed advertisements. The set-up fee and monthly commission payments are placed in a hardship fund to assist needy customers with extenuating circumstances who could be in danger of disconnection of their water and/or sewer services. The United Way of Beaufort County administers the fund.

For questions about HomeServe or the Hardship Fund, please contact BJWSA at 843-987-9200.