Navigating our Future
BJWSA Board of Directors announces new Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Plan

BJWSA’s Strategic Focus Plan, Navigating our Future, centers around five target themes that address the Authority’s investment in best practices as a leading Utility of the Future. Download a copy here.

Additionally, we revised our Mission, Vision and Values to align with our new plan. These guiding principles are the result of months of diligent collaboration from our Board and Leadership Group. Our employees strive to apply these principles throughout our operations and services.


Provide quality water and wastewater services to our current and future customers in the Lowcountry.


To be a leading water and wastewater provider recognized by our customers for reliable service and dedication to our employees, community and environment.


Safety: delivering without causing harm, injury or loss to our employees or the public.

Integrity: doing the right thing by the standards of our profession and community.

Collaboration: working together toward solutions and common goals.

Inclusion: providing equal opportunities and resources for people.

Stewardship: responsibly managing human health and the environment.


Invest in our Workforce through recruiting, retaining, developing, and training our workforce.

1. Establish succession plan

     a. Build career paths where applicable.

     b. Continue leadership training.

2. Develop and Implement enhanced onboarding program.

3. Establish Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program.

Ensure Infrastructure System Viability through master planning, leveraging asset management and technology, and optimizing system performance.

     1. Optimize technology by consolidating applications and promoting consistent utilization.

     2. Evaluate and prioritize master plan projects to be included in the capital improvement program.

     3. Continue building and implementing asset management program.

     4. Continue implementing requirements of the Lead and Copper Rule Revision.

     5. Evaluate discolored water events and establish plan to mitigate incidents.

Promote Financial Sustainability through maintaining a responsible rate structure and assuring financial compliance.

     1. Maintain a reasonable rate structure.

     2. Continue Tyler implementation and apply improved processes.

Engage Customers and Stakeholders through enhancing customer education and strengthening municipal and stakeholder coordination.

     1. Increase use of Eye on Water.

     2. Promote irrigation program.

     3. Expand and increase communications with customers and stakeholders.

     4. Continue youth education programs.

Manage Risk and Leverage Innovation through providing a safe work environment, practicing sustainability and environmental stewardship, and improving emergency response.

     1. Provide a safe and secure workplace.

          a. Enhance safety training program.

          b. Continue security awareness training, including cyber security.

     2. Explore solutions to increase sustainability and resilience.

          a. Reduce carbon footprint.

          b. Increase beneficial reuse of residuals and effluent.