Okatie, SC (August 23, 2012) – Beaufort – Jasper Water & Sewer Authority (BJWSA) was made aware of a company in the area seeking to sell home water filtration units to Lowcountry residents. According to reports from BJWSA customers, the company is claiming that poor water quality from the public water system necessitates a water filtration system in their home. BJWSA advises its customers that our water meets all standards set by the EPA and the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.

The water delivered to all of BJWSA’s customer is safe for consumption. BJWSA and SCDHEC test drinking water in certified laboratories under strict scientific controls to ensure that it meets all Federal and State standards. Additionally, BJWSA’s water is considered relatively “soft”, so a water softener is not typically needed. While a water filtration system is a personal choice, the purchase and installation of any filtration device is not necessary to receive clean, healthy and safe drinking water from BJWSA.

To learn more about how BJWSA treats water, and to obtain a water quality report, customers may contact our Communications Depar tment at 987 – 9213 or 987 – 9219, or read the water quality report on the BJWSA website at www.bjwsa.org . A video of the water treatment process is also available at youtube.com/bjwsa.