Our water treatment process uses chloramines for disinfection. Chloramines, like chlorine, must be removed from water that goes into fish tanks. Pet stores can provide a dechloraminating chemical or granular activated carbon filter to remove chloramines effectively from fish tanks.

The Savannah River, our primary water source, contains a variety of naturally occurring minerals and organic substances. The EPA and SCDHEC maintain water quality standards to ensure a healthy water supply. BJWSA not only meets these regulations, but also routinely reaches higher standards set by the American Water Works Association.

During treatment, we use chloramines (approved by EPA and DHEC) to ensure the water is free from substances and organisms that may be harmful to your health. Chloramines provide better protection than chlorine because it lasts longer in our system.

Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immuno-compromised individuals, such as persons with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly people and infants can be particularly at risk from infections. If you are immuno-compromised, seek advice from your health care provider. Guidelines on reducing the risk of infection from contaminants are available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline (1-800-426-4791).

For a more comprehensive list of what’s in our finished water, check out the Finished Water Results.